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Articles translated (group BAL) - the Base 16 hexadecimal COULOMBS battle for control of Argonne National labs and Milwaukee Wisconsin FALK iron gear ...... played out with Argentina, Evita Peron electron volts (ev), the Falk Islands and the IRON LADY

N-paper name (BAL)  by Herb Zinser translates newspaper articles and other news events .
Newspapers use various levels of English language; thus it is up to the older and wiser newspaper reader to use his math and science background to translate and understand the multi-faceted PRINT message .
List of topics, articles, subject covered .. in the sequence of occurrence over the next 30 pages.
* Basic Assembler WAR

* Computer EARTH  Data Definition (DD)  wars and year 1944

* the BALKAN computer science wars
* Falkland Islands war in 1982

* the coulombs battle at the Falkland Islands
* the nitrogen 25 molecule in year 82 .......     1982 EARTH atmosphere
* Oxygen and the LUNG codes

* Balkans wars and macro subroutines of MAC --> Macedonia

* Wisconsin State assembly
* Imelda Marcos, shoes and  the toe theory of SHOES
* COMPUTER EARTH order entry systems

* Milwaukee Falk iron gear explosion
* Falk LU6.2 data pipeline

* Batavia ... Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  ....
FermiLAB physics communication problems

*  the Kathryn Stalbaum PHASE LOOP experiment in feedback signals and the CHICAGO LOOP

* Sam Hengel murder   cover-up
* Algorithms
* Bio-math and blood math secret revealed

* Bird   Flu  and the Germanwings BIRD  / air-plane crash cover-up

* Oxygen base 16

* OS/JCL battle at OSLO
* light    velo.CITY   / of light

* Ham radio
* Blood Brain barrier, the BAR CODE,   and Mayor Barrett and Barcelona

* Longboat Key and the Far Horizons
* VSAM Key Sequence data sets  and Key West

* Warren Buffet and FET circuits and Oracle systems

* string theory of the  puppet UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin   ...

*  Nikola Telsa energy  and communication strings

* Baltimore computer science

* Karl Marx and class warfare at school classrooms

* Jerry March and organic chemistry MARCH of Martin Luther King ..
his  molecule social chemistry   ..... human molecule GROUP amplifier

* IBM and Victor Hugo MIS

* COMPUTER EARTH assembly lines

* BLOG scripts for human BIOLOGY blogs

* Ixonia Wisconsin and the F-16 SYMBOL MACHINE  fighter region

* Umpqua College shooting LINK to Kosovo WARS

* the human  Protein Machine (PM) and its software program -->
the Einstein-Rosen Bridge

* the Imperial Diet of Worms  and  the Deep Space Nine  wormhole expression site

* Green Bay Packers  and their packed decimal numbers  and
their photosynthesis  green pigment codes

This news analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a news article
Translate and Test MIRROR
The Earth Lab human  TEST activity is first ... then the newspaper / magazine report ...and then the TRANSLATE of the report using basic math, physics, biochemistry college textbooks, etc. Thus the newspaper prints some pieces to a puzzle .. and the reader is asked to figure out the other pieces ... the pieces that explain WHY .... that explain CAUSE and EFFECT .
Herb Zinser provides some data about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, flowcharts, etc. The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions of " 2 CHIEF WORLD SYSTEMS" we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces.......
the 2 CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams, math and physics equations, etc.
Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel
Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories    There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

 Thus we understand Charles Dickens " TALE of 2 Cities".

Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities on the geography surface of EARTH.

Let's look at some news articles and TRANSLATE the embedded subset codes and concepts.

Thanks to Isaac Asimov .....

Foundation series - Wikipedia
The Foundation series is a science THEORY  .. thought implants of  mathematical power series .... VIA a  series of books by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty years, the series was a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, ...

Foundation series ... Trantor - Wikipedia
The Foundation series is a science fiction series of books by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty ... Prelude to Foundation opens on the planet Trantor, the empire's capital planet, the day after Hari Seldon has given a speech at a conference.

IBM Basic Assembly Language (BAL)  and successors - Wikipedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is the commonly used term for a low-level programming language used on IBM System/360 and successor mainframes.

DD statement - IBM
Purpose: Use the DD (data definition) statement to describe a data set and to specify the input and output resources needed for the data set. The parameters you can specify for data set definition are arranged alphabetically in the topic of "DD Statement".

Data Definition (DD) statement - IBM
Data Definition (DD) statement. A data definition (DD) statement is a job control statement that defines a data set to the operating system, and is a request to the operating system for the allocation of input/output resources.

JCL statements: What does the DD statement do? - IBM
Data definition (DD) statements define the data sets that a program or procedure uses when it runs. You must code one DD statement for each data set that is used or created within a job step. ... In addition to its one positional parameter, the DD statement has well over 50 keyword ...

D-Day - Jun 06, 1944 - Computer science WAR
With Hitler’s armies in control of most of mainland Europe, the Allies knew that a successful invasion of the continent was central to winning the war. ... On the morning of June 5, 1944, U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe gave the go ...

Allies prepare for D-Day - Jun 05, 1944 -
On this day in History, Allies prepare for D-Day on Jun 05, 1944. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Allies prepare for D-Day - Jun 05, 1944 -

.. ll ......parallel  existences prepare for     DD  LINK 44

data value -->   A  B  C   D 

Location ---->   1    2   3   4 

Therefore  year 1944  -->   DD  equivalence  44
The Falklands War also known as the Falklands Conflict, Falklands Crisis, and the Guerra del ... It began on Friday, 2 April 1982, when Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands (and, the following day, South Georgia and the South ...

 It began on Friday, 2 April 1982
 It began on Friday, 2 April (4th month  ...Jan, Feb, March, April)  in 1982
 It began on Friday, 2  exponent 4 --> base 16 hexadecimal WAR starts

ARgentina  --> arg parallel code --> argument / problems ....._ 

Argonne National Laboratory  by Chicago  and the Milwaukee region - Wikipedia
Argonne National Laboratory is a science engineering , social science  engineering, and brain engineering  research national laboratory operated by UChicago Argonne LLC for the United States Department of …

UChicago Argonne, LLC.
Argonne-UChicago researchers work to annihilate societies  BULL-SHIT  song and dance  ....  and work on nanoscale defects in semiconductors and human social semi-conduct 
Researchers from the University of Chicago and Argonne use the supercomputing ...

Advanced Photon Source  .... electric  light bulb, science textbook and a newspaper event DATABASE, 

human eye /retina / optical nerve with
photon data stream of information ....
input to the bio-optical-computer
SYMBOL and CONCEPT processor
Advanced Photon Source. An Office of Science National User Facility. Main menu. About; Safety; ... Argonne National Laboratory. View All . Seminars, Training, …

 It began on Friday, 2 April 1982
 It began on Friday, 2 April (4th month  ...Jan, Feb, March, April)  in 1982
 It began on Friday, 2  exponent 4 -->number 16 ... 1982  -->  82 --> 8 multiply 2 = 16

 It began on Friday, 2 April 1982
 It began on Friday, 2 April (4th month  ...Jan, Feb, March, April)  in 1982
 It began on Friday, 2  exponent 4 -->number 16 ... 19 -->  the new version ..hexadecimal coulombs WAR starts

Coulombs VERSUS Culottes

Culottes and  female electron devices - Wikipedia

Culottes are items of clothing worn on the lower half. The case of culottes meaning split skirts, historical men's breeches, or women's under-pants is an example of fashion-industry words taken from ... The French word culotte is (a pair of) panties, pants, knickers, trousers, shorts, or (historically) breeches; derived from the ...

Women's Culotte language secrets ....
Cu = Copper atomic symbol with coulomb
 Pants - Nordstrom › Women › Pants & Shorts

Shop for women's culotte pants and shorts at Browse pleated culottes, print gaucho pants and more. Totally free shipping and returns.

Below, Nature's  military charge of atomic nuclei in the Falklands

 VIA British and  Argentine   human action figures as data generating ....
information display devices

 It began on Friday, 2 April 1982
 It began on Friday, 2 April (4th month  ...Jan, Feb, March, April)  in 1982
 It began on Friday, 2  exponent 4 -->number 16 ... 1982  -->  82 --> Mirror 28 --> pointer to nitrogen molecule  in the atmosphere and the human LUNG  ......

 It began on Friday, 2 April 1982
 It began on Friday, 2 April (4th month  ...Jan, Feb, March, April)  in 1982
 It began on Friday, 2  exponent 4 -->

number 16 ... 1982  -->  82 --> 28 LU --> Logical Unit --> LUNG  with oxygen base 16

Yugoslav Wars and Macro region  - Wikipedia
The Yugoslav Wars were a series of ethnically-based wars and insurgencies fought from 1991 ..... Reports of sexual violence during the Bosnian War (19921995) and ... Slovenia and Croatia declare independence in June, Macedonia in ...

Insurgency in the Republic of Macro subroutines
 played out Mac region --> Macedonia  (2001)

The insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia was an armed conflict in Tetovo which began when the ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army (NLA) militant group began attacking the security forces of the Republic of Macedonia at the beginning of February 2001, and ended with the Ohrid Agreement. The goal of the NLA was to give greater rights and autonomy to the country's Albanian minority, who make up 25.2% (54.7% of the population in Tetovo) of the population of Macedonia.[68][69] There were also claims that the group ultimately wished to see Albanian-majority areas secede from the country,[70] although high-ranking NLA members have denied this.[68]

IBM OS Assembler Language: Subroutines, Macros and Tables (Data ..., Inc.
IBM OS Assembler Language: Subroutines, Macros and Tables (Data Processing Training Series) [Donna N. Tabler] on *FREE* shipping on ...

Assembly Language Training:
Part 6 (2 of 9) -
Macro Pre-Processor
(Standard Macros for Macedonia human bio-computers)   

Wisconsin State Assembly - Wisconsin State Legislature of computer ... social science

Wisconsin Legislature
Information on the members of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Assembly Language Training:
Part 6 (2 of 9) -
Macro Pre-Processor
(Standard  BIG MAC  hamburger Macros for the  State Leg ..Legislature)

Assemblur Lag..uage Training:
Part 6 (2 of 9) -
Macro Pre-Processor 
Macro Pre-Processor
.....cro P    re-Processor 

(Standard Alzheimer's brain harvest Macros )

Assembly Language Training:
Part 6 (2 of 9) -
Macro Pre-Processor
(Standard Macros for  manipulating Star Trek fans and 

the human bio-computer
 MIND Meld  Macro with the
Melda Macro  ..... parallel approximation by a proper noun that mimics DR. Spock the Vulcan ....
 annexation proper nouns trick....

Imelda Marcos - Wikipedia
Imelda Romuáldez Marcos (born 2 July 1929) is the widow of Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th president of the Philippines. She served as First Lady from 1965 to ...

Imelda Marcos - -

Apr 2, 2014 - Imelda Marcos served as the first lady of the Philippines for 20 years. She and her husband, Ferdinand Marcos, became infamous for their ... 

Imelda Marcos' legendary 3,000 plus shoe collection destroyed by ...

Daily Mail
Sep 23, 2012 - But part of Imelda Marcos' shoe stash, left behind after she and her dictator husband were driven out of the Philippines, has been badly ...

Imelda Marcos' legendary 3,000 plus shoe collection

Imelda Marcos - Huffington Post
The Huffington Post
The recent seizure of works of art believed to have been acquired through ill-gotten wealth by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos are a reminder of the enduring ... other words 

Imelda Marcos - Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
The recent seizure of works of  art (blood arteries with  iron Heme Group)  .... we believed to have been acquired through ill-gotten wealth by Fer (Ferrous oxide iron atom agent) Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos are a reminder of the enduring ...

Thus the shoe ....KEYWORD  CONCEPT   about the COMPUTER EARTH  ........ order entry system .....  thus the use of  the human  2-legs (like 2 fingers on a computer keyboard) upon the EARTH flat geography surface (the land as  a Mother Nature's computer keyboard)

The human body weight applies the pressure to the EARTH geography keyboard ...thus the information transfer VIA the leg to the  shoe .....  to COMPUTER EARTH.

SYMBOL MACHINE  code words 

--> militant wing  --> algebra subset codes --> mil wi --> information pointer to Milwaukee Wisconsin   and the  SYMBOL MACHINE engines in the Midwest

News code words--> IS denies MIS attack on Fa site  -->

translated with Isaac Asimov...

Trantor ...... abbreviation of word ....
 - Wikipedia
    • Contents
    • Geography and history
    • Food production
    • Symbolism
    • Inspired by Trantor
    • Races on Trantor
    • Trantor is a plan code of  planet in Is --> Info systems agent --> Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series and Empire series of science THOUGHT IMPLANT   novels. 

    • Trantor was first mentioned in Asimov's short story, "Black Friar of the Flame", later collected in The Early Asimov, Volume 1. It was described as a human-settled planet in the part of the galaxy not ruled by an intelligent reptilian race.

    •  Later, Trantor gained prominence when the 1940s Foundation series first appeared in print. As…

New code words--> IS denies MIS attack on Fa site  -->

translated with Isaac Asimov...

Trantor ...... abbreviation of word ....
 - Wikipedia

Milwaukee, WI Factory Explosion at Falk LAND  ..Land in Milwaukee  ... -
Milwaukee firefighters battle the five-alarm fire at the Falk Corp. 

Falklands War - Wikipedia

Falklands War; Map outlining the British recapture of the islands: Date: 2 April – 14 June 1982 (2 months, 1 week and 5 days) Location: Falkland Islands, South ..

........ history repeats itself 

Falklands War - Wikipedia

Falklands War

Falk    land ds  War (in Milwaukee)

Falk    land data space  WAR

Falklands War; Map outlining the British recapture of the islands: Date: 2 April – 14 June 1982 (2 months, 1 week and 5 days) Location: Falkland Islands, South ..

2006 Falk Corporation explosion
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at a Falk Corporation building in the industrial Menomonee River Valley neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on Wednesday  morning December 6, 2006. 

Three people were killed and forty-seven others injured. Cars were reportedly flipped through the air and debris scattered over several blocks.[1] An investigation of the cause of the disaster uncovered leaks in a pipe running below the building, which supplied propane to the heating system for the complex.

As the first shift at Falk Corp. cranked along Wednesday morning, the troubling smell of gas drifted through an annex just off the main production building.

 Wednesday  morning December 6, 2006. 
 Wednesday  morning  December  6, 2006. 
 ........esda ......................................6.2       ..... pipeline  explosion 

CODES translated per Asimov --> COMPUTER EARTH  wars

esda --> IBM VSAM ESDA

 Wednesday  morning December 6, 2006. 
 Wednesday  morning  December  6, 2006. 
 ........esda ......................................6.2       ..... pipeline  explosion 

code 6.2 ......

  • IBM LU6.2   on   December 6.2  of    day 6, 2006  - Wikipedia
    IBM LU6.2 This article does not cite any sources. Please ... Logical Unit 6.2 is an IBM-originated communications protocol specification dating from 1974, ...
  • Logical units - IBM
    Logical units z/OS Communications ... A logical unit is a device or application program by ... Any device or application program that implements LU 6.2 protocols ...
  • What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from
    In IBMs Systems Network Architecture SNA a logical unit LU identifies an end user in an SNA network By end user IBM ... of logical units. In SNA, LU 6.2 is a ...
  • Logical unit - IBM
    logical unit (LU) acts as the ... LU type 6.2 supports communication between two programs located at type 5 subarea nodes, ... Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, ...

  • FA - Hex Dictionary
    The hex number FA converts to 250 in Decimal and 11111010 in binary.

    Army Logistician (Combat Service Support in Baghdad)
    Combat Recovery in Urban Baghdad During uprisings by the Muqtada Militia, the task force was required to conduct numerous recovery operations deep ...

    Combat Service Support in Baghdad)

    Police release new details in disappearance of Kathryn Stalbaum
    Nov 7, 2013 - Kathryn J. Stalbaum missed her school bus Tuesday morning and texted a friend she'd ride her bike to Kettle Moraine High School instead.

    Kathryn Stalbaum Update: Missing Wis. girl, 15, found safe in Chicago ...
    CBS News
    Nov 11, 2013 - Kathryn Stalbaum, who disappeared Nov. ... school bus and would be riding her bike to Kettle Moraine High School, two miles from her home.

    NEW INFORMATION: Missing Wis. teen found safe in Chicago - WEAU
    Nov 9, 2013 - The Waukesha County sheriff's office says Kathryn Stalbaum of the Town ... she would ride her bike the 2 miles to Kettle Moraine High School.

    A phase-locked loop or phase lock loop (PLL) is a control system that generates an output signal whose phase is related to the phase of an input signal. While there are several differing types, it is easy to initially visualize as an electronic circuit consisting of a variable frequency oscillator and a phase detector.

    PLL-Phase Locked Loops with EARTH LAB  
    human bio-electron structures

    Electronic Circuits and Diagram ...
    Electronic Circuits and Diagram .....
    Kettle Moraine High School Electronics Projects and PHASE LOOP Design

    Kathryn Stalbaum Update: Missing Waukesha / Kettle Moraine ....
    Wis. girl, 15, found safe in Chicago ...
    CBS News
    Nov 11, 2013 - - Kathryn Stalbaum, a 15-year-old girl Wisconsin girl who disappeared Nov. 5 while riding her bike to school, was found safe in Chicago Friday night after approaching a Chicago police officer for help, reports CBS affiliate WDJT. ... Officials say Stalbaum left Wisconsin of her own 

    Kathryn Stalbaum back in Wisconsin, reunited with family | FOX6Now ...
    Nov 9, 2013 - TOWN OF GENESEE (WITI) -- Kathryn Stalbaum, the 15-year-old Waukesha County girl who had been missing since Tuesday, November 5th, ..

    Kathryn Stalbaum back in Wisconsin, reunited with family | FOX6

    Kathryn Stalbaum back in Wisconsin, reunited with ami --> amino acid family 

    ...... her age 15 ...... number 15 amino acid pointer signal to 20 amino acids .... 

    and her age 15 pointer to the murder of age 15  Boy Scout   Sam Hengel and the cover-up in Marinette Wisconsin 

    Motive of Samuel Hengel, 15, in school hostage seige remains ...
    The Plain Dealer
    Nov 30, 2010 - Samuel Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay, Wis., hospital ... The 15-year-old boy who held 23 students and a teacher hostage in a ...

    Wisconsin high school hostage-taker Samuel Hengel dies - BBC News
    Nov 30, 2010 - The 15-year-old boy who shot himself after taking 23 chromosome students and a teacher hostage at his school in Wisconsin dies of his wounds.

  • Algorithm - Wikipedia
    Most algorithms are intended to be implemented as computer programs. However,algorithms are also implemented by other means, such as in a biological neural …

  • What is an Algorithm ? (with pictures of human representative for SYMBOL and CONCEPT life)
    An algorithm is a set of instructions that leads to a predictable result. Most people encounter algorithms every day when...
  • - wiseGEEK

  • Above, notice her secret hand-signal of 5 fingers 

    -->    2  + 5 fingers = 7 giving number 27 

    Then her secret  bio-math .....
    blood mathematical signal code ....
    ................hemat  --> information pointer to
    ................hematology SECRET SOCIETY


    Then her secret  bio-math .....
    blood mathematical signal code .... numbers 73 and 27 added --> 100

    thus the number 100 in the alpha/numeric SYMBOL string  ..B100D

    -> that is  --> B   + 100  + D

    --> B (alphabet)    100 (decimal)    D (alphabet)
    --> B (base 10 decimal)   100    Data ..... 

    In addition, she used number 73  --> MIRROR --> 37  --> 37 Celsius human temperature

    ...aka ..her secret identity as a woman ......   that is in slang compliment words for females  ....
    ..a hot tomato.

    Thus ...her secret atomic code  --> hot tomato  --> tomato

    ...... tomato
    ...... tom ato
    ...... tom  ato  ...that is a am(american tomato)
    ...... atom  atom  ..thus the red tomato an atomic equation 

    that  gives us the atomic basis (red tomato) --> pointer   to
    the red blood cell (like a red tomato)

    Bird Flu (Avian Flu): Symptoms, How You Catch It, Treatments, and More › Cold, Flu, & Cough › Flu Guide
    May 11, 2015 - Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a viral infection spread from bird to bird. Currently, a particularly deadly strain of bird flu -- H5N1 -- continues to spread among poultry in Egypt and in certain parts of Asia. Technically, H5N1 is a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus. It's deadly to most birds.

    Bird Flu (Avian Flu): Symptoms, How You Catch It, Treatments,

    Bird Flu (Avian Flu):  Treatments for 150 people at Barcelona Spain

    Bird Flu (Avian Flu)

    Germanwings Flight 9525 cover-up and lies ...
    about the deeper levels of REALITY  - Wikipedia
    Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G) was a scheduled international passenger flight ... On 24 March 2015, the aircraft, an Airbus A320-211, crashed 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-west of Nice in the ... The crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, who had previously been 

    Germanwings plane crash:

    Cover-up scheme of newspapers  and the
    .....heme group Fe(2) ion and their alphabet ERRORS
    of atomic number 26 of ferrous oxide IRON 

    Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane, killing all 150 people on board, officials said. ... Updated 9:38 PM ET, Thu March 26, 2015. Chat with us in .... Wreckage is seen at the crash site on March 24.

    Apr 2, 2015 - Germanwings crash: Co-pilot researched suicide methods, cockpit doors ... Updated 1:11 AM ET, Sat April 25, 2015 .... bringing down Germanwings Flight 9525
    in the French Alps(Alps --> Alphabets WAR in the SYMBOL WORLD of
     newspaper  bull-shit and/or  incomplete explanations )  on March 24, killing all 150 on board.

    IBM CICS Family
    CICS (Customer Information Control System) is a family of application servers and connectors that provides industrial-strength, online transaction management ...

    IBM - Software - CICS Transaction Server family
    IBM® CICS® Transaction Server is a family of scalable general-purpose transaction processing solutions for z/OS®, VSE/ESA, and distributed platforms. ... CICS Transaction Server for z/OS: Is the premier enterprise-grade, mixed-language application server. ... CICS Transaction Server for ...

    IBM System/370  with
    OS/JCL  (operating system ..... job control language) 

    - Wikipedia
    The IBM System/370 (S/370) was a model range of IBM mainframe computers announced on ... The new S/370-158 and -168; Four new operating systems: DOS/VS (DOS with virtual storage), OS/VS1 (OS/360 MFT with ..... Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

    Job Control Language - Wikipedia
    Job Control Language (JCL) is a name for scripting languages used on IBM mainframe ... In both DOS and OS JCL the first "card" must be the JOB card, which:.

    The OS war in Os BAL region --> Oslo Baltic region

    Is there a reason why light is limited to the 186,000 miles per second ...
    Stop thinking of the speed of light as an arbitrary limit to velocity. It's better to think of "the speed of light" not as an actual speed but as a limitation to how you can ...

    Q & A: why is speed of light 186,000 mph? | Department of Physics ...
    Jun 2, 2011 - Namely, why is the speed of light what it is (186,000 miles per second). Does string theory try to answer this? I've read that physics predicts ...

    Amateur radio - Wikipedia
    Amateur radio (also called ham radio) describes the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless ...

    What is Ham Radio - ARRL
    American Radio Relay League
    Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across ...

    Barcode - Wikipedia
    A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode. Originally barcodes systematically represented data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or one-dimensional (1D).

    Free Online Barcode Generator: Make a Custom Barcode in Seconds
    Use the CGI form below to generate a printable and scan-able barcode in Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 A, B, or C symbologies. This free service can be used to generate individual barcodes or called via URL's to include inline PNG or JPEG images directly into your documents.

    Free Online Barcode Generator:

    Free Online Barcode Generator: Make a Custom Barcode in Seconds
    Use the CGI form below to generate a printable and scan-able barcode in Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 A, B, or C symbologies. This free service can be used to generate individual barcodes or called via URL's to include inline PNG or JPEG images directly into your documents.
    QR Code Generator. · ‎Read the FAQ · ‎UPC/EAN Barcode Generator

    Free Online Bar  code Generator: Make a Custom Barcode in Seconds

    Man arrested in BAR CODE  bio-computer
    subroutine program    attack on Mayor Barrett  ..... 

    the EARTH LAB ...  Darwin selection of his proper noun for its
    data attention getting VALUE  

     - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Aug 16, 2009 - It ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood with a ... West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth described Peters as a ...

    Peters charged with beating Milwaukee mayor
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Aug 20, 2009 - Peters then "freaked out" on Tom Barrett, punching him in the face and ... he and his family members were leaving State Fair Park in West Allis.

    The Louise story  .... Louise Khan wife of  Jack Khan SR

    ]Far Horizons was ultramodern Longboat Lore By Barry Walsh, Guest ...
    The Far Horizons opened in 1957, and the following year,
    another Colony guest, Jack Kahn,SR ... a retired television and hosiery executive from Milwaukee, bought out the Levitas ...

    Jack Kahn Obituary - Sarasota, FL | Herald Tribune -
    25, 1936 - Oct. 24, 2009 Jack Kahn, Jr., 72, of Sarasota, went to be with his angels ... where he managed his father's resort, The Far Horizons on Longboat Key.

    Jack Kahn, Jr.
    Jack Kahn, Jr.
    Jack Kahn, Jr --> Job Region.

    Remembering the great "Far Horizons" restaurant on Longboat KEY ...

    and VSAM KSDS data space
    Sarasota Herald‑Tribune
    Jan 21, 2008 - In the Key's early days, Far Horizons was THE elite hotel-restaurant. ... The original owners were Jack Kahn Sr (System region). and Herb  (data field) Field, two names ...

    VSAM data sets: KSDS, ESDS, RRDS - IBM


    CICS supports access to the following types of data set, Key-sequenced data set (KSDS), Entry-sequenced data set (ESDS) and Relative record data set ...

    Longboat KEY  ----> as  Nature's systems ..... ; KEY SEQUENCED data set

    Key-Sequenced Data Sets - IBM
    In a key-sequenced data set, logical records are placed in the data set in ascending collating sequence by a field, called the key. Figure 10 shows that the key ...

    Example 1: Allocate a Key-Sequenced Data Set  .....
    the creation of the SYMBOL WORLD and the assignment of  data set names to EARTH physical geography regions giving COMPUTER EARTH 

    --> Longboat KEY

    --> Lido KEY

    --> Siesta Key 

    Example 1: Allocate a Key-Sequenced Data Set - IBM
    The following example shows allocating a key-sequenced data set: //DDNAME DD DSNAME=KSDATA,DISP=(NEW,KEEP), // SPACE=(80,(20,2)),AVGREC=U ...

    Nixon Winter White House, Private Beach, Helipad Adjacent - Curbed ...
    May 22, 2012 - Richard Nixon liked to get away from it all. This house, at 468 Bay Lane, on Key Biscayne, sits on property originally ... It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 100 feet of water frontage, facing west along Biscayne Bay.

    Oracle Of Omaha Definition | Investopedia
    A nickname for Warren Buffett, who is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time. He is called the "Oracle of Omaha" because his investment picks and ...

    Warren .... Buffers  ....FET  electrons --> Buffett

     - Wikipedia
    Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is ... Buffett is often referred to as the "Wizard of Omaha" or "Oracle of Omaha," or the "Sage of Omaha," and is noted for his adherence to value investing ...

    Warren Buffett: 5 Things You Can Learn From the Man Who Invested ...
    Aug 30, 2016 - Warren Buffett: 5 Things You Can Learn From the Man Who Invested $1 Billion in ... The “Oracle from Omaha” invests in stocks that has been ...

    String Theory Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison › String Theory
    Feb 6, 2007 - String theory addresses one of the deepest problems of contemporary physics, namely the reconciliation of gravity and quantum theory.

    Aug 2, 2016 - Known as the "Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffett is an investment guru and one of the richest and most respected businessmen in the world.

    Warren Buffett - The Oracle of Omaha - TheStreet
    TheStreet, Inc.
    Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has been hailed as 'The Oracle of Omaha' -- the world's greatest investor. He has also received a fair share of ...

    Oracle Corporation - Wikipedia
    Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation in 1977 with Bob Miner and Ed Oates under the name Software Development Laboratories (SDL). Ellison took inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database management systems (RDBMS) named "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks."
    Number of employees‎: ‎136,262 (Q4 FY2016)
    Revenue‎: ‎US$37.04 billion (2016)

    IBM Basic Assembly Language and   the

    BAL  successor city of BAL --> Baltimore and baseball BALL - Wikipedia
    Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is the commonly used term for a low-level programming language used on IBM System/360 and successor mainframes.

    Establishing a base register - IBM
    Each program must establish a base register immediately after it saves the calling program's registers. When selecting a base register, keep in mind that:

    Base register instructions for
    baseball players (P layer --> Processing layers)

     - IBM
    The USING and DROP assembler instructions enable you to use expressions representing implicit addresses as operands of machine instruction statements, ...

    Base registers for absolute addresses - IBM
    Absolute addresses used in a source module must also be made addressable. Absolute addresses require a base register other than the base register assigned ...

    Multiple base registers - IBM
    Jul 6, 2016 - Multiple base registers. The values provided by the automatic insertion of the DFHEIENT macro might be inadequate for application programs ..

    class war -->

    Karl Marx - Class Theory
    Cardiff University
    Class Theory Marx's class theory rests on the premise that "the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles." According to this view, ever ...

    Marxian class theory - Wikipedia
    Jump to Origins of Marx's theory - Marxists explain the history of "civilized" societies in terms of a war of classes between those who control production and those who produce the goods or services in society. In the Marxist view of capitalism, this is a conflict between capitalists (bourgeoisie) and wage-workers (the proletariat).

    The Notation in Principia Mathematica (Stanford Encyclopedia of ...
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Aug 19, 2004 - Principia Mathematica [PM] by A.N. Whitehead and Bertrand .... variable precedes a complex variable, the result indicates a class, as in x ^ ϕ x .

    Principia Mathematica (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    May 21, 1996 - Principia Mathematica, the landmark work in formal logic written by Alfre

    The Evolution of Principia Mathematica: Bertrand Russell's ...
    Bernard Linsky - 2011 - ‎Mathematics
    In Principia Mathematica, however, a class, or rather the function which defines it, will be of a higher order than its members. Hence the totality of all of Frege's ...

    code word --> March again

    code word --> March again --> agin --> a  gain --> amplifier gain  -->

    organic molecules  ....  march / move in social chemistry ....
     generating data  .....amplifier gain   ........ thus a molecule HUMAN expression group  equivalence to --->

    What is amplification factor (gain)? - Definition from › Topics › Computer Science › Electronics
    The amplification factor, also called 'gain,' is the extent to which an analog amplifier boosts the strength of a signal. Amplification factors are usually expressed in ...

    Gain (electronics) - Wikipedia
    In electronics, gain is a measure of the ability of a two port circuit (often an amplifier) to increase the power or amplitude of a signal from the input to the output port by adding energy converted from some power supply to the signal.

    Selma to Montgomery March (1965)
    On 25 March 1965, Martin Luther King led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators to the steps of the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, after a 5-day, 54-mile ...

    Below, carbon black representatives march ...... and the Charles Darwin code --> 

    Selma --> sel  + ma --> Selection map

    Les Misérables - Wikipediaérables
    Jump to Hugo's sources - Les Misérables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is considered one of the greatest ...
    Novel form · ‎Hugo's sources · ‎Plot · ‎Characters

    Les Miserables (Signet Classics) (9780451419439): Victor Hugo, Lee ..., Inc.
    Editorial Reviews. Review. "Hugo's genius was for the creation of simple and recognizable myth. The huge success of Les Misérables as a didactic work on ...

    Rating: 4.1 - ‎531,085 votes
    In Les Misérables Victor Hugo takes readers deep into the Parisian underworld, immerses them in a battle between good and evil, and carries them onto the ...

    Management information system - Wikipedia
    A management information system (MIS) focuses on the management of information systems to ... The first era (mainframe and minicomputer) was ruled by IBM and their mainframe computers; these computers would often take up whole rooms ...

    Management Information Systems (MIS) - Encyclopedia - Business ...
    A management information system (MIS) is a computerized database of financial ... IBM had its start in 1911; it was then called Computing-Tabulating-Recording ...

    Assembly language and assemby  lines- Wikipedia
    An assembly (or assembler) language, often abbreviated asm, is a low-level programming ... Assembly language may also be called symbolic machine code. ..... Similarly, IBM assemblers for System/360 and System/370 use the extended ... be far shorter, requiring fewer lines of source code, as with higher level languages.
    Terminology · ‎Key concepts · ‎Language design · ‎
    Use of assembly language ..assembly lines

    What is CICS (Customer Information Control System)? - Definition from ... › Linux servers › Programming
    CICS (Customer Information Control System) is an online transaction processing (OLTP) program from IBM that, together with the COBOL programming language

    How to Manually Install b2evolution script for 

    your BIOLOGY  .....
    ........B....LOG      bio-computer site
    ..- b2evolution Tutorial - FastComet
    To call the installation script, you will have to access your new website via your web browser. For example, if you are installing b2evolution within the ...

    Install b2evolution with one click | SimpleScripts

    SimpleScripts provides a one click installation of b2evolution. Try it on your hosting ... Install b2evolution. Description; Versions; License; Issues; Script List ...

    Web Hosting Clone Script - Clone Scripts of Popular Websites
    Host Review Script and WebHostingGeeks Clone Script has some common features that have been listed on Features page. Here are some specific features ...

    Web Hosting | SimpleScripts
    SimpleScripts Web Hosting Recommendations ... need to put your business or personal site online — and to manage it for years to come: FREE domain name, ...

    Ixonia, Wisconsin  and
    Hexadecimal  HIGHWAY F and 16 (code F-16)
      - Wikipedia,_Wisconsin

    Ixonia is a town in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 4,385 at the 2010 census. The unincorporated communities of Ixonia and ...
    History · ‎Notable people · ‎Geography · ‎Demographics

     Tragic  history  WORDS   repeat themselves ...until they receive a accurate anwser

    Words----> Near  the Kosovo village of Urosevac      U  rose  --> the college village of U rose

    Umpqua Community College shooting - Wikipedia
    The Umpqua Community College shooting occurred on October 1, 2015, at the UCC campus near Roseburg, Oregon, United States. Chris Harper-Mercer, a 26-year-old enrolled at the school, fatally shot an assistant professor and eight students in a classroom. Seven to nine others were injured.
    Shooting · ‎Victims · ‎Perpetrator · ‎Reactions

    Words----> Near  the Kosovo village of Urosevac
    Words----> Near  the Kosovo            village of U       ro   sevac
    Words----> Near  the K ..thinK   .... Villains  Umpqua roseburg  severence orders

    issued by the PROTEIN (SYSTEM)   MACHINE  .. code intials (PM)
    ................................EINS  --
    ................................Einstein-Rosen (communications) BRIDGE failure in
     Nature's molecular cell biology/ protein THOUGHT and
    protein SOCIAL ENGINEERING expression region
    of the Pacific Standard TIME ZONE

    Wormhole - Wikipedia
    A wormhole or "Einstein-Rosen Bridge" is an existential physics ......  topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut connecting two separate points in EARTHLY ...human space/ time  and their data generating daily activities WITHIN earthly space/time bio-computer CMS (Content Management Regions).

    Wormhole (applications to human existence and your  space/time BIOLOGY interior) - Wikipedia 

    Martin Luther's Life: The Imperial Diet of Worms and the modern WORMHOLE
    Luther at the Imperial Diet of Worms (1521). Background. Luther, who through the church's excommunication was practically declared a heretic, was invited to ...

    Diet of Worms and DEEP SPACE NINE - Wikipedia
    Jump to Martin Luther - The Diet of Worms 1521 was an imperial diet (assembly) of the Holy Roman Empire held at the Heylshof Garden in Worms, then ...

    Bajoran wormhole | Memory Alpha | Fandom powered by Wikia
    Before the wormhole was discovered by Commander Benjamin Sisko and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in 2369, it was considered to be a myth. (DS9: "Emissary") ...

    Bajoran wormhole | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki | Fandom ...
    The wormhole was discovered in 2369 by Commander Benjamin Sisko and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax. (DS9 episode: "Emissary"). On the Gamma Quadrant side of ...

    Star Trek Bajoran Wormhole
    Star Trek
    Discovered on stardate 46379.1 by Deep Space Nine science officer Jadzia Dax, the Bajoran Wormhole is the first and only completely stable wormhole known ...

    Diet of Worms | Germany [1521] |
    Encyclopædia Britannica
    Diet of Worms, meeting of the Diet (assembly) of the Holy Roman Empire held at Worms, Germany, in 1521 that was made famous by Martin Luther’s appearance before it to respond to charges of heresy. ... Martin Luther’s appearance before the Diet of Worms, Germany, 1521.

    Bajoran religion  memory |

    Memory Alpha of the Diet of Worms|
    Fandom powered by Wikia
    Commander Benjamin Sisko was the first man to fly through the newly-opened wormhole. ... When the Bajorans learned about Sisko's experience, they identified him with their religion's Emissary.(DS9: "Emissary") For a long time, Sisko remained skeptical of who the aliens were.

    Bajoran LINKS   to  - Wikipedia
    It was said in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Rapture" that if Bajor joins the United Federation of Planets, most of the Bajoran Militia would be absorbed into Starfleet. ... Notable members of the Bajoran militia included Major Kira Nerys and Odo. Kai. The Kai is the supreme religious leader of the Bajoran faith.

    Diet of Worms, meeting of the Diet (meeting of IBM assembly programmers) of the Holy Roman Empire held at Worms, Germany, in 1521 

    held  .t Wo   rms, Ge  --> Two rooms with Ge = General Electric(k)   

    General Electric(k)   
    General Electric(k)   
    General Elec   tric(k)    ...   scheme problems

    Chlorophyll | Causes of Color - Webexhibits
    Green plants are green because they contain a pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorbs certain wavelengths of light within the visible light spectrum. ... Green light is not absorbed but reflected, making the plant appear green. Chlorophyll is found in the chloroplasts of plants.

    Chlorophyll - Wikipedia
    Chlorophyll absorbs energy from light strongly at visible frequencies. Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis, which allows plants to absorb energy from light. Chlorophyll molecules are specifically arranged in and around photosystems that are embedded in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts.

    Why is chlorophyll green? Isn't there a more energetically favorable ...
    Apr 12, 2015 - Chlorophyll-a, the common green pigment you are referring to, isn't the only pigment in your average green leaf. There is also chlorophyll-b ...

    Why is chlorophyll green and WHY   do  the 

    Green Bay Packer human expression agents exist? 

     the green pigment you are referring to, isn't the only pigment in your average green leaf. There is also .....

    The Green Bay Packers colors ..yellow and green
    --> information pointers to --> Nature's sunlight   and the  BOTANY  photosynthesis equation

    Green Bay Packers - Wikipedia
    The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a ...
    Fox Sports
    View the latest Green Bay Packers news, scores, schedule, stats, roster, standings, players, fantasy leaders, rumors, videos, photos, injuries, transactions and ..

    Joe Namath | MATH   ...Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site
    Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Joe Namath. Quarterback. “Broadway Joe”. Joe Namath. 13 seasons. 27,663 passing yards. 173 TDs. + Add to Favorites Player Menu Toggle ..